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What the hell is going on?

30 Nov

Have to save this for historical value. Having read the FR article in full. Thanks Michael for the prod, I may have missed it if not for you.

Café Whispers

Abbott asleep

Now and again – but rarely indeed – I come across a political article in the mainstream media that has me nodding furiously in agreement. Yes, like I said, rare indeed. The simple truth is rare enough, let alone an article that goes to the heart of it. This one by Geoff Kitney titled What is going on with the Abbott government? in yesterday’s Australian Financial Review stands out.

I cannot reproduce the article due to copyright reasons but I can compile a few telling sentences from it that gets the gist of the matter. I’m sure, that after reading them, you too will be nodding your head. Here goes:

The alarm bells about the Abbott government are becoming deafening . . .

And it’s not hard to imagine that the first question being asked about Abbott’s Australia is: “What on earth is going on?”

Australia’s most important regional relationships…

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Vote 1 Malcolm Turnbull

6 Sep


Back when John Laws was relevant/lucid I would sometimes catch his show on 7EX, one of Launceston’s two AM radio stations back in the ‘80s. Whenever one of Laws’ unhinged listeners would call him and complain about Bob Hawke selling out to big business or Paul Keating giving us the recession we had to have Laws would roll out his well worn line: “You get the government you deserve” he would say, as if we asked for it.

I used think he was right. But I also used to think acid wash denim jackets were cool. Laws would say if you’re not happy with the government you’ve got then just throw them out at the next election and I figured that made sense. Back then, however, voters had something resembling reasonable choices – Hawke and Keating on one side; Fraser, Peacock, Howard and Peacock again on the other. What wouldn’t…

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Politics in Australia

12 Aug

Why do we need a Labor Party?

Throughout recent history Labor has been a spender and Liberal (or Coalition) has been a saver.

Both of these things are important, as much as having a Greens Party and the odd Independent is.

We can’t continually hoard our money anymore than we can continually spend it, and this is where the balance comes in.

A Labor Party finds places where money can be spent (not always good but well-meaning).

Spending on infrastructure is more often done when Labor is in power.

A Liberal Party finds places where money can be saved (not always good but well-meaning) and forgets to spend.

Which is good for Australian coffers but not good for infrastructure. Selling off our assets not always a good thing.

So obviously we need both parties to clean up where the other party has been remiss.

In Australia most people like to think they have cash in the bank and that they are free to use it when it is necessary. They also think about what life was like when they were young and want things to be better for their children.

In come the Greens heralding a cleaner better future for our children’s children.

Isn’t this what most people want?

Do we need them? Of course we do! Who is going to keep the two major parties on track.