Tampons, tax and testing my patience. Why this election has made me realise I don’t care that I’m a woman.

10 May

Wilsher 's Blog

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the run up to the general election has begun. And with the start of this political pantomime something miraculous has happened. I have become a woman. With women’s issues.  Apparently these issues were around before the election but it is only now that the election has begun that the powers that be have decided to inform me that I should care about the tampon tax and other womanly matters.

So here’s the thing, a tax on tampons is outrageous. A period is not a luxury. Anyone who has had one will tell you that. And that’s something I care about. Companies are still turning away women because they are of an age that means they may go on maternity leave. And that’s something I care about. In 2013 it was shown that women will still earn 19.7 percent less than men for the same…

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