Why do They need us to hate Islam?

24 Jan

Had to reblog this to read again and again. Lest I forget.

The Pitman Papers

Before I  built a wall I’d ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out,

And to whom I was like to give offence.

Robert Frost, ‘Mending Wall’

SHOULD YOU decide to join in the general frenzy of Muslim-bashing & start bullying women in Islamic dress at bus-stations or supermarket queues, be aware that other, more important,  things are taking place at the same time. First, you are helping to make Australia a nastier place for  all of us than it already is. Second, you will make your victim and her family ten times more determined to embrace their faith than they might have been, and ten times more hostile and suspicious towards anyone who doesn’t. Third,  far from celebrating your own power and national identity, you will be revealing yourself and your culture as even more impotent than you might have feared. Fourth, you will be doing…

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