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Letter to Jacqueline Maley

22 Mar

Thanks for your thoughts Cath, you said it so well! Have to reblog to always keep this in mind.

The Australian Independent Media Network

letterThis letter is written by Cath Fisher (@astrakate) in response to Jacqueline Maley’s article – March in March: Two sides to the story we didn’t run – and is published here with Cath’s permission:

“It is strange that people who despise the MSM so much are so angry at being ignored by it”

No, Jacqueline Maley you are wrong. We do not “despise” the MSM. We miss it. We miss being able to switch on the telly or open a newspaper or tune into the radio and know that the news broadcast will tell us WHAT  ACTUALLY HAPPENED.

We miss knowing that there were some sources  better than others but that basically all of them would report the news, some in a more formal fashion but nonetheless, report what had occurred so that those of us who were not there would be informed about what had happened in our absence.


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My Personal Racism

20 Mar

My very good friend Wolfie gives his opinion about racism.

Wolfies World - Wolfie Rankin

I like to think that most of you think I’m “a nice guy” and I’d like to think that I am too.

But I was racist, or at least partially so, yep… me, and not all that long ago either.

I suppose this is what’s known as soul-searching, or having a change of heart. a row with yourself can really help at times, and I’m going to write about how all of it played out.

Firstly, there was racism in my family, and when it’s in the family, it gets passed down to kids, it’s a nonsense which is learned but can be unlearned (in time). And better to do so as it’s self-destructive, ruining friendships and family relationships.

Often people do things which parents did, and grandparents did, because “that’s what you do” and little thought is given to why it began and if we really need to do…

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