Vote 1 Malcolm Turnbull

6 Sep


Back when John Laws was relevant/lucid I would sometimes catch his show on 7EX, one of Launceston’s two AM radio stations back in the ‘80s. Whenever one of Laws’ unhinged listeners would call him and complain about Bob Hawke selling out to big business or Paul Keating giving us the recession we had to have Laws would roll out his well worn line: “You get the government you deserve” he would say, as if we asked for it.

I used think he was right. But I also used to think acid wash denim jackets were cool. Laws would say if you’re not happy with the government you’ve got then just throw them out at the next election and I figured that made sense. Back then, however, voters had something resembling reasonable choices – Hawke and Keating on one side; Fraser, Peacock, Howard and Peacock again on the other. What wouldn’t…

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