Politics in Australia

12 Aug

Why do we need a Labor Party?

Throughout recent history Labor has been a spender and Liberal (or Coalition) has been a saver.

Both of these things are important, as much as having a Greens Party and the odd Independent is.

We can’t continually hoard our money anymore than we can continually spend it, and this is where the balance comes in.

A Labor Party finds places where money can be spent (not always good but well-meaning).

Spending on infrastructure is more often done when Labor is in power.

A Liberal Party finds places where money can be saved (not always good but well-meaning) and forgets to spend.

Which is good for Australian coffers but not good for infrastructure. Selling off our assets not always a good thing.

So obviously we need both parties to clean up where the other party has been remiss.

In Australia most people like to think they have cash in the bank and that they are free to use it when it is necessary. They also think about what life was like when they were young and want things to be better for their children.

In come the Greens heralding a cleaner better future for our children’s children.

Isn’t this what most people want?

Do we need them? Of course we do! Who is going to keep the two major parties on track.


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