In a nutshell: 457 Visas and Liberal ideology

20 Jun

have no problem with 457s just dislike the thought that they are being used and abused, with no thought about the employed person and their rights OR the Aussie that may have been able to do the job.

Café Whispers


Yesterday, the Liberal coalition blocked proposed changes to 457 visa regulations that would’ve protected Australian workers by making sure companies employed them before sourcing labour from overseas, skilled or unskilled.

They claimed it was because “the government moved to rush through legislation without consulting employer groups”.

The Liberal party obviously consulted them, the result?

No Australian has an automatic right to employment in Australia.

The asylum seeker debate is a smokescreen, designed to make you lose focus and forget who is really taking your job!

The media run stories of a few people that were employed in Australia on temporary 457 visas, usually in remote communities or with specialist skills that have stayed on in Australia and integrated into society. It promotes the view that these visas are for the benefit of us all, but the reality is nothing like that.

These “temporary work visas” are just that, temporary. Usually…

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