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Dear Mr Abbott

5 May

Had to have this on my blog to remind me what is important in Politics!

From Bridget's Pencil

Dear Mr Abbott

I met you a few years back at the Sydney Writers Festival.

I’d just sat through your session with Annabelle Crabb in conversation with you about Battlelines. You spent the first few minutes at the lectern in the Sydney Theatre Company delivering a paid Liberal Party advertisement. Problem was it was everyone in the audience, like me, who’d funded it.

I remember feeling infuriated with you. I’d paid to hear you answer Crabb’s questions, not be affronted by a party political speech.

I bought your book and wanted to have it signed, as I do with every book I buy at each Writers’ Festival. But I wanted to meet you too and try to get a sense of you. Luckily by the time I reached the book signing room the crowd had thinned. There was just you, me and Ms Crabb in the room.

You weren’t as…

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