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UN 1st March 2018 antidemocratic slide

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24 Apr

A poem never to be forgotten.

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

April 25th is the day Australia remembers the sacrifice of those who have given their lives in conflicts around the world.

This was the date in 1915 that the ill-fated Gallipoli Campaign began in Turkey. Soldiers of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) landed, at dawn, on the beach to be met by withering fire from the Turkish defenders under the command of Kemal Ataturk. By the end of the year the Allied forces evacuated and the ANZACs were moved to France.

Lest We Forget.

My Great-Uncle; Edward Russell Bates (Pte, 28th Batt), born 1887, Auckland, New Zealand, KIA, Albert, France, 1st June, 1918, leaving a wife and child.

The Brother-in-Law of a Great Great Aunt; Thomas John Marr Todd (Lt. Colonel, 10th Light Horse, CMG, DSO & Bar) born 2 Mar 1873, Christchurch, NZ, Died of sickness, 23 Jan 1919, Cairo, Egypt, unmarried.

Thanks to Buff for…

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Results of Supreme Court Appeal

21 Dec

Source: Results of Supreme Court Appeal

Hiding Past Sins, L-NP Style

18 Jul

Best evidence yet of Abbott unfit for PM

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

I take no credit for this find. I am simply spreading the word.

Peter Van Onselen reported on twitter this morning.


That URL of this deletion is

Peter Van Onselen was able to find the original on the “Way Back Machine” and I look forward to reading his take on this event.

Apparently the deletion occurred on or about Friday 18th July. In other words, after Bronwyn Bishop’s Heligate.

That indicates that the Liberal Party is into rewriting history. This is something I have noticed a number of times when looking for articles I know I read in News Ltd publications which contained later embarrassments for either Murdoch or his puppets. Could it be that the Liberal Party is simply another News…

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China Vs United States – Why Australia Will Lose!

15 May

Excellent piece from Archie Archive.

Ærchies Archive - Digital Detritus

Before I go any further, let me explain my position. I am on the “Left” side of politics. An anti-war greenie ex-ALP member. Yet it matters little where I fit on the internal political landscape. What matters is where Australia fits on the international landscape. This post is not about party political differences. It is about our hidden Government. And no! I am not a diplomat. Just an amateur student of world affairs informed by the past and reading the omens.

Every nation in the world has one.

Secretive and mostly working in the shadows. A Government body making commitments and friendships with people we never hear about.

Only ever showing the results of its machinations and activities in the occasional public announcements of its head.

It is the most important department any nation can have.

No, it is not Treasury, the department we are always worried about. The one…

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Tampons, tax and testing my patience. Why this election has made me realise I don’t care that I’m a woman.

10 May

Wilsher 's Blog

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the run up to the general election has begun. And with the start of this political pantomime something miraculous has happened. I have become a woman. With women’s issues.  Apparently these issues were around before the election but it is only now that the election has begun that the powers that be have decided to inform me that I should care about the tampon tax and other womanly matters.

So here’s the thing, a tax on tampons is outrageous. A period is not a luxury. Anyone who has had one will tell you that. And that’s something I care about. Companies are still turning away women because they are of an age that means they may go on maternity leave. And that’s something I care about. In 2013 it was shown that women will still earn 19.7 percent less than men for the same…

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When ideas live too long: coal & syphilis

5 Feb

so well written, had to reblog.

The Pitman Papers

FOR MORE than a century Western medical science treated patients diagnosed with syphilis by injecting a solution of mercuric chloride into their veins. Medicine had long been fascinated by the uses & effects of mercury, which is, among other things, the most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet. Doctors had noted that rubbing mercury around the edges of syphilitic chancres seemed to stop the sores from spreading. Hardly surprising, given that it killed all the cells, but no matter. Doctors kept on experimenting, until some bright spark in 1830s Vienna came up with the idea of injecting the stuff.

What followed was the arrival of one of history’s most horrible illnesses, General Paralysis of the Insane (GPI). Nobody was ever cured of the pox, though millions died in agony. GPI was often mistaken for epilepsy, at least in its early stages. Sufferers lost feeling in their extremities, eventually becoming partly…

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Why do They need us to hate Islam?

24 Jan

Had to reblog this to read again and again. Lest I forget.

The Pitman Papers

Before I  built a wall I’d ask to know

What I was walling in or walling out,

And to whom I was like to give offence.

Robert Frost, ‘Mending Wall’

SHOULD YOU decide to join in the general frenzy of Muslim-bashing & start bullying women in Islamic dress at bus-stations or supermarket queues, be aware that other, more important,  things are taking place at the same time. First, you are helping to make Australia a nastier place for  all of us than it already is. Second, you will make your victim and her family ten times more determined to embrace their faith than they might have been, and ten times more hostile and suspicious towards anyone who doesn’t. Third,  far from celebrating your own power and national identity, you will be revealing yourself and your culture as even more impotent than you might have feared. Fourth, you will be doing…

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Meet the halal haters

5 Jan

People who try to destroy harmony within the Australian multicultural communities.

you said it...

The bullying of Australian business

A small but noisy group of anti-Muslim campaigners are targeting Aussie businesses in their obsessively stupid warfare against Australian Muslims.


Despite labelling themselves as hateriots “patriots”, their latest strategic move as they rattle and bob across the media landscape is the undermining and trashing of Australian small business – specifically those businesses which want to cater both to Australian customers and to potential markets in our region.

No matter that Australia, without the trading opportunities available in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, will travel on the road to becoming an isolated, dull, backward, intolerant, inward-looking enclave of the suspicious, the xenophobic and the down-right crackbrained.

Much like this run-down white supremacist enclave in South Africa.

To those pig ignorant droogs who shut down a South Australian business because it had halal certified yoghurt selling to Emirates (Airlines)—what stupid, stupid people! If they really think…

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